Create a task

When you’re on the task-page, click ‘Create task’. Enter a descriptive title. This title is for your own use, so you can organise multiple types of actions.

Choose a date and time when the task needs to be executed. You can only pick a date and time which is at least 5 minutes in the future.

Sometimes you want a task which repeats itself. If you, for example, have regular sales in your ‘Sale’-category, it would be great if you could automatically update your prices. This is possible by choosing in the ‘Repeat’ option for ‘Every X days’, ‘Every X weeks’ or ‘Every X months’. After choosing one of these options, more settings will appear. In the ‘X-Value’-field, you can enter the amount of days/weeks/months between every repeat. In the ‘Number of repeats’-field you can enter the maximum number of repeats (a value of zero means no maximum).

Finally, click ‘Save’ to create the task.