Pros and cons

Highlighting the pros and cons of products helps customers determine what the exact product is they need. Openly and transparently displaying what your product’s strengths and weaknesses are, inspires confidence and is very user-friendly.

Getting started
You can add pros and cons by going to Dashboard > Products > Specifications and then creating or editing a set. You can add a pro by clicking on the plus icon, specifying why it is a pro (for example “Very cheap”), and entering the value “plus”. By entering “min”, you indicate that is a con.

Some products might need to be accompanied by a manual or another file. Our B2B theme allows you to add a link to a manual or any other PDF document. You can create or edit a set via Dashboard > Products > Specifications. You indicate in the title field what the document should be called, e.g. manual. Then, enter a link in the value field. The specification will automatically be recognized as a manual.

Tip: You can also upload PDFs via Dashboard > Tools > Files and then copy and paste the link into the value field.