5. General

All general settings that appear on every page or on multiple pages can be found here.

Button shape
Here you can select the button shape. You can keep it nice and tight or give your buttons rounded corners. Rounded buttons are very popular for playful styles.

Button to pages
Enable this setting to link the buttons in the header directly to the pages instead of a dropdown.

USP positioning
Indicate whether you would like to position the USPs, country selection and currency selection bar above the header or rather below the header. By default these are positioned under the header. We recommend that you do not to change the background colour when you decide to leave the bar under the header.

USP icons, content texts and links
Select the icons for USPs and enter their content. You can also add a hyperlink to each USP by entering the URL in the correct USP URL field.

Quality mark
Upload your quality mark and link it to your quality mark page. The quality mark will be displayed at the top of the header.

Free shipping
When you offer “Free shipping” starting at a certain amount, then you can enter this amount here. For example, if shipping is free for 100 euros/dollars or above, then enter “100”. The store will automatically calculate and display how much someone still has to order in order to be eligible for free shipping.

Product count in side menu
Enable this setting to display the amount of products in the side menu for categories and filters.

Move everything in the shopping cart over to the collection page
Enable this setting to add a button to move everything in the shopping cart over to the collection page.

Indicate whether you would like to use the infinity scroll feature or classic pagination.

Custom shopping cart
Enable the custom shopping cart page by InStijl Media or deactivate this setting and use the default Lightspeed shopping cart page.