Consequences of installing the theme
When installing a new theme, design settings are reset. Your online store will use the default configuration of the new theme out-of-the-box. This is why we recommend you to plan ahead so you quickly make any needed adjustments.

When converting the theme, some specific settings disappear:

We recommend that you make the switch when our support team us available so that you can immediately reach out to us if there are any problems. Note: This only concerns the theme itself. The settings (colours, images, etc.) must also be set manually.

Activating the template editor
If you are experienced in HTML and CSS, then you can use the Theme Editor to customize the design of your store to your wishes and/or corporate identity.

When you activate the Theme Editor, your webshop will be unlinked from the main theme and be considered as a custom theme. This means that, when InStijl Media modifies the main theme, any changes will not be implemented in your custom child theme.

You will also no longer receive updates for the theme. When InStijl Media performs an update for a theme, the code is added to the main theme, which is stored on our own servers. All webshops that use this theme are linked to the main theme. When the main theme is updated, the update is also applied to all linked stores.

Theme updates
It is possible that we add extra features to the theme, such as a Blog function or product bundles. When such a feature is newly developed, the theme has to be updated in order to use it. You will notice new settings associated with these features in the back-end of your webshop, but any changes won’t be visible on the front-end of your store. You manually need to add the code for these features via the Theme Editor. If desired, we do this for you at an additional expense.