27/03/2020 - Create multiple stores page

27/03/2020 - Create multiple stores page.

NEW Multiple stores visible in your footer
RELEASE Multiple store pages
IMPROVED You can add infinite stores as categories
IMPROVED Google maps bug has been resolved

26/03/2020 - UX improvements

26/03/2020 - UX improvements.

IMPROVED Some bold titles can now be changed in weight.
NEW Usp's will also been displayed at the productpage 
IMPROVED Product description has been set as fallback for usp's
IMPROVED Grey line around the products is lighter
NEW Default Theme has prod

25/03/2020 - Improvement Cross-selling popup

25/03/2020 - Improvement Cross-selling popup.

IMPROVED Make sure new related products can be place into cart
IMPROVED Make sure new related products load
NEW Added shopping cart to related products
IMPROVED Built AJAX popup instead of based on cart message.
RELEASE Cross-Selling Popup v1.0