Pros and cons & User manual

Highlighting the pros and cons of products nowadays is something that helps a lot of webshop visitors to make a good choice. Telling openly and transparently about your product's strengths and weaknesses generates confidence and proves to be very user-friendly.

Getting started

The pros and cons can be created if you go to Dashboard > Products > Specifications and then create or edit a set. You can create a positive point by putting the plus in the title, such as "Very cheap" and entering the value "plus". By entering the value "minus", you indicate a negative point.

User manual

Sometimes you have products that require a user manual or other pdf document. In our theme you can add a link to a user manual or other pdf document via specifications. Via Dashboard > Products > Specifications you can create or edit a set. In the title you indicate what the document should be called, such as "user manual". Then put a link in the value field and this specification will automatically be recognized as a user manual.

Tip: PDFs can also be uploaded from Dashboard > Tools > Files, then copy and paste the link into the value field.