General settings

Activate the sidebar on the collection page here.

Select here how you would like to show the filters.

  • Button: With this option a "Filters" button will appear where you can click on and a side menu with all filters will appear on the right.

  • Dropdown: With this option the filters appear in dropdown menus that you can click on and then the filter values appear in the dropdown menu.

Select the pagination for the collection page here.

  • Infinity Scroll:  When the Infinity Scroll is selected, it loads the next page of products after you have reached the last product of a page.
  • Pager: The most stable option is when you select the pager as pagination option. With this option, links to the different pages will appear in the form of numbers. You also have an arrow to go to the next or previous page.

Custom Shopping cart
Activate the custom shopping cart page here. When this option is disabled, Lightspeed's default shopping cart page will appear.

Custom Blog
Activate the custom blog page here. When this option is disabled, Lightspeed's default blog will appear.

Google Tag Manager
Insert your Google Tag manager code here (f.e. GTM-XXXXXXX).