Product settings can be found under (design > theme editor):

Sale Label
Select the display of the sales label here.

  • Sale text: With this option a sale text will appear with all discounted articles that you can edit and translate with custom translations.
  • % discount: This option calculates the discount in percent.
  • Number of discounts in euros: This option calculates the difference in euros and displays the discount in euros.

Sale Label colour
Select the colour for the Sale label here.

Product wish list
Activate the wish list in the theme for the products.

Product price
Select the display of the product price here.

  • With symbol (EUR 00,00)
  • Without currency (00,00)
  • With currency (€00,00)

Product reviews
Enable product reviews.

Product USP`s
Activate the USP`s with the products. When this option is activated, all you have to do is enter the USP`s with the products.

You can do this by activating the Extra template data via Dashboard > Settings > Workflow > Extra template data. You can activate these. Then go to Dashboard > Products > Select a product > Extra template data > Data 01 and enter the usp's separated with a comma. Example: usp1, usp2 etc.

Shopping cart / view / none
You can choose to show a shopping cart with the products or button 'view'. Or de option none of these. view the button or not. You can find this setting under (design> theme editor): Choose 'products'