Social settings can be found under (design > theme editor):
Choose 'social'

The instafeed module displays a collection of Instagram photos of your store. The products on it are tagged using an external service: Snapppt.

  1. Go to and create an account. Connect this account to your Instagram page.
  2. Go to your Instagram feed and select a photo you want to add to your homepage. Fill in the options by adding your products above the photo.
  3. Click on 'Share' in this pop-up window.
  4. Select the style for your instagram feed, and copy the embed code at the bottom.
  5.  Paste the code into one of the Instafeed when you go to Dashboard > Design > Theme settings.

Note: The Lookbooks do not yet work in Internet Explorer 11.
Snapppt is working on IE11 support.

Other social media
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