Enter a link here for a Youtube video, image, everything else accessible by link.

Theme Persona Homepage Media

Content position

Choose the position of the title, description, and button.


Shows the media across the entire width with the content on top.


This will show the media on the right side and the content on the left.


This shows the media on the left side and the content on the right.

Media source

Here you can place a link of a media product. Think, for example, of a YouTube link or a link of a file that you have uploaded at Dashboard > Tools > Files.


You can choose to display a title by typing it here. If you have multiple languages in your store, you can translate this text via Content > Translations > Custom translations.


Enter your description for the media section here.

Media URL

Enter your media section URL here to view more related content. For example, a link to a text page or a blog post.