Category page

Color dots

Theme Persona Categorypage Filters

You can choose to use color dots by turning on the “Custom filter blocks” option at Pages > Category page > Filters Then, in back office, search for Content > Translations > Custom Translations and create a color [color] as a key. You can then choose a color.

For example:

Theme Persona Example Colorcode

Theme Persona Color translating


Theme Persona Categorypage details

Brands above product title

Here you can activate the brands above the product title on the homepage and collection page.

Sale tag

Select an option here how you want to display your sale tag

Product title position

Here you can select whether you would like the product title to appear in the order block or not.

  • With product title
  • Without product title
Display "Buy now" button

Show the “Add” button at the products that are shown on the homepage and collection page.


Theme Persona Categorypage Filters

Custom filter blocks

Here you can activate color dots and size dots for the collection page. When this is turned off, you will get checkboxes by default.

Brands filter

Here you can activate the brand filter dropdown menu for the collection page.

Price slider

Here you can activate a price slider on the collection page.