Product page

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Theme Persona Productpage Display

Product content down
Activate this option if you want to show the related products above the product content.

Display product inventory

Choose how you would like to display the product availability in the store.

  • Show exact stock level (ex: 100 In stock)
    When you select this option, the exact stock will be shown in numbers.
  • Show availability (ex: In stock)
    If you select this option, it will only show whether a product is available or not.
  • Hide
    If you select this option, the stock will not be shown.
Display product identifiers

Here you can decide which product identifiers you would like to display on the product page.

  • SKU
  • Article code
  • Barcode
  • None

Theme Persona SKU Voorbeeld

Inventory per location [Omnichannel only]

When you use omnichannel you can show a pop-up of your stock status with this setting.

Product usp’s

Here you can activate the product usp's, which you can then translate into multiple languages via “custom translations”. You can do this by going to Content > Translations > Custom Translations.



Theme Persona Productpage Details

Product title position

Here you can select whether you would like the product title to appear within the order block or outside it below the breadcrumbs.


Here you can select how you would like to display the multiple variants.

-        Default


-        Blocks


Theme Persona Variant Options


Here you can activate lightspeed reviews for the product pages.

Reviews pros and cons

Activate this option to add pros and cons to the reviews.