Basic settings

Here all settings that are already standard in Lightspeed are explained under the heading 'Design'.


For the top image we have 3 variants. The formats are different from the image. Depending on which variant you have chosen, the instructions differ.

You can use Navigation to create a different menu that is not based on the categories under Products> Categories. Through the same webshop you can select menu items and give your own name. In the Unity theme, we currently use 2 types of menu types that can be used as standard in this theme.

  1. Default (Navigatiemenu)

    The main menu can be configured completely according to your wishes. Standard are placed at the top of the categories of your shop, but if you would like to put together your own menu, then that is also possible.

    Navigate via the Dashboard to Design > Navigation > Default . All links that you create here will then also appear in the menu.


    The Categories link will always appear in the main menu as soon as you have added categories to your webshop. You can do this via Dashboard> Products> Categories .


    The Inspiration link will appear when you have created a category called inspiration. This page will automatically receive the Inspiration layout and the subcategories the Inspiration articles layout.

    Default links

    In the custom menu it is also possible to add standard links to the different pages. In the example, for example, we have added the pages 'New' and 'Sale'.

    Customer service

    The customer service link will always appear in the theme at the end of the menu on the left.

  2. In the Unity Theme we have made it possible to specifically allow visitors to search in a category.

    Navigate to Design> Navigation on the Dashboard. Then click on the green button "Add menu" at the top right and fill in title "Search" . If you click Save then your menu for the search categories is created and you can start adding categories to this navigation menu.

    When all categories are entered, you should find the categories right when you type a search term.

You can choose to give specific products or categories extra attention on the homepage of your online store. It depends on the theme you choose how many products and categories you can place on your homepage. We recommend a maximum of two rows for your products and two for the categories you choose.

In the left menu of the back office go to Design > Products front page   to select products and Design > Categories front page   to select categories. The next steps work exactly the same.

  1. In the top right of the screen, click the   ... add   button.  

  2. The product or category pop-up window opens. Click the green plus on the right side of the product to make this product recommended product. Click Choose on the right of the category to create the category recommended category.

Do you want to change the order?   Click on the icon to the left of the product. Hold it while you drag the product to the right spot.

You can remove products / categories again   next to the product click   Delete & nbsp;. Remove all products? You can do this via the bulk action. Select all products you want to delete and click & Bulk actions > on the top left   remove.