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Primary images

Element Size
Categorieën 510 x 290 pixels
Producten (Vierkant) 650 x 650 pixels
Producten (Portret) 650 x 750 pixels
Merken 244 x 100 pixels
Artikelen 685 x 400 pixels

Theme images

Element Size
Splitscreen 960 x 470 pixels
Slider next to customer service (headlines) 1020 x 420 pixels
Slider over the full width 1920 x 470 pixels
3 Banners 437 x 250 pixels
Shop the look 1 1020 x 510 pixels
Shop the look 2 670 x 670 pixels
Quality mark 120 x 37 pixels
Shipping method images 42 x 42 pixels
Newsletter image 400 x 400 pixels


Do you disagree with the standard translations of the system or do you want certain system names to be different? Then you can start working with Translations at Content > Translations via the left menu of the back office.

  1. Go to Content > Translations via the left menu of the back office.
  2. At the top right of the screen are 2 green buttons; Overwrite translation and add Custom translation. In Overwrite translation, you can select the word / sentence from a drop-down menu that you want to translate. Is the word / phrase you are looking for not in the drop-down menu? Then use the Add custom translation button to add a translation yourself.
  3. Back to the old situation? Remove the translation by clicking on the red trash icon next to the translation.

Please note! Not all words can be translated. If it does not work with both Overwrite translation and Adapted translation, it is not possible to translate the words.

Click here for a list of all translation tags.