5. General

Here you can find all general settings that apply to multiple pages.

  • 5.1 Promotion text

    Enter here your promotion text. (you can use html in this field)

  • 5.2 Free Shipping

    If you offer "Free Shipping" for a certain amount, it is possible to enter the amount from here. For example, 'free shipping from 100 euros or dollars, enter 100. Subsequently, it will be calculated how much someone still has to order in order to qualify for free shipping.

  • 5.3 USP’S

    You can set all of your store’s USPs here so they can be displayed in several places. They are displayed at the top of the top navigation, at the bottom of the footer and after 8 products on collection pages.

    * For the product page, there is a separate possibility to add USPs for all products.

  • 5.4 Quality label

    Our theme allows you to give your most important quality label a prominent spot on your website and add a link to it, so that the trustworthiness of your webshop stands out among the rest.

  • 5.5 Product thumbnails

    You can select if you want to show the thumbnails (other product images) of your products on the homepage and collectiepage.

  • 5.7 Custom Cart

    Displays a refreshed view of the shopping cart page with your USPs and payment methods. The calculation of shipping costs is not displayed here.