6. Homepage

Here you can find all settings for the homepage.

6.1 Opening times (Servicedesk)

Just like a large webshops we managed to develop a service desk functionality within Lightspeed. To ensure that this operates as desired, the opening times of each day must be entered. When the service desk is active but no opening times are entered for a specifi c day, the service desk assumes that you are closed. You can also indicate that you are closed by entering ‘Closed’.

The input of the opening times is very determinative, so enter these as follows:

[starting time] - [closing time]

The horizontal dash is the separation mark between the starting time and closing time.

  • 6.2 Products

    Select here if you wanna show the featured products, the newest products or the popular products.

  • 6.3 Shop de look

    The Unity Theme allows you to create a Shop The Look with products that you’ve put together. Upload the background image of the Shop The Look here.

  • 6.4 Shop de look products

    To add products to the Shop The Look, you first need to add them to recommended/highlighted products. Once you’ve done so, you enter the ID of the products that you want to add to your Shop The Look.

    The ID of a product can be obtained in the following way:

    1. Go to your Dashboard and then products. Select a product in the backend and search for the ID of this product in the address bar of your browser. This is the number at the end of the URL. For example: 82547440.

    2. Finally, go to your Theme settings to the section "6. Homepage". Here you can insert the ID of the product. You can easily separate the product IDs with a comma.

  • 6.5 Shop de look coordinates

    Here you can enter the coordinates where the Shop The Look markers should be positioned. The coordinates need to be entered as percentages. For example, if you want add a marker 10% from the border of the image, enter '10'.


    Here’s an example:

    1. First, enter the horizontal x-axis or the vertical y-axis, for example: 34. Then place a colon ( : ) after this number.
    2. Then place a colon ( : ) after this number.
    3. Then enter the y-axis or the horizontal axis, for example: 22.
    4. The coordinates of the first marker are now 34:22 and the ball will appear 34% from the top and 22% from the left.
    5. To enter the 2nd bullet, place a comma ( , ) and repeat the above steps. Eventually, for example, you will have a series of 3 balls, e.g.: 34:22, 76:44 ,14:81.


  • 6.6 Homepage tags

    Here you can activate homepage tags if you want to show them on the homepage.

  • 6.7 Add brands

    Here you can activate brands.