Persona Theme

Would you like to do something with personalization, but do you experience it as overwhelming and intensive? Aren’t you sure on how to start personalizing? Or do you find it challenging? We have created the solution: Theme Persona. The theme for personalized customer experience by content personalization for every stage of the customer journey. No more rocket science and 'in your face' personalization that makes potential customers drop out because it ‘gets too close’ while at the same time moves away from the 'one-size-fits-all' content.



    • Unique personalization elements. Theme elements that automatically adapt to the navigation behavior of the website visitor. Read more about these specific theme elements below. 
    • Compile your own homepage. Personalize your website’s homepage to the demands and needs of your target group by composing the order of the sections yourself.
    • Core Web Vitals optimized. A positive effect on the Google ranking and a nice fast user experience for your website visitors. 
    • Custom pages. Contributes to the general experience and impression of the shop through a consistent layout.
    • Excellence in UI and UX. The overall design shows that the seller (you) completely understands the needs and expectations of your ideal customer (persona).
    • Dark mode option. Choose which option works best for your store and your visitors. 


  • Subtle micro-animations and micro-interactions for user experience. Ensures that users use your web shop comfortably with direct action feedback.


  • Guided selling product finder. Quickly guide your visitor to the right product. 


  • Mega Menu. Do you offer a large or small product collection? No problem, you can do both! 


  • Unique display of product images. Modern look and feel. 


  • And much more, discover it for yourself!

Unique Personalization

Theme Persona contains unique but subtle personalization elements at different points in the customer journey. These modules automatically adapt to the navigational behavior of the visitor. Theme persona scans which products are visited, which products are placed in the shopping cart or Wishlist. This allows theme persona to make automatic product recommendations for the following situations: 


  • Show related products based on the last visited products;
  • Show related products based on the products that are placed in the shopping cart;
  • Show related products based on the products that are placed in the wish list;
  • Capability to link products to blog posts;
  • Show cross-selling pop-ups including related articles.


The result? Personalized content shown at various moments within the customer journey > personalized customer experience > higher customer satisfaction > higher customer loyalty. This way you’re able to build a bond with your customers via PERSONAlization!


Good to know: The customer data and surfing behavior are not stored on external servers, but only in the browser of the visitor via cookies. This way you can be sure that you do not share privacy-sensitive data with third parties.


This is not next-level artificial intelligence, but a simple yet smart technique to make website visitors feel more involved with your brand which results in a conversion/upselling boost!


When do you start PERSONAlizing?

Theme Persona focuses on the ideal PERSONALIZED customer journey including many extras! After all, the ideal customer perception is created based on YOUR ideas. 

Now, when will you start PERSONAlizing?


Want to know more? Feel free to contact us. 


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