Dynamic Theme


Dynamic & Progressive

Are you also limited by the possibilities of your Lightspeed theme? Put an end to this immediately with the most dynamic and user-friendly theme in the Lightspeed Store. The Dynamic Theme offers unique layout possibilities that do not appear in any other theme and go beyond the standard Lightspeed layouts. The future of e-commerce is incredibly dynamic, but with this theme, it is easy to keep up with all trends or even better to set the trend yourself.

Start your webshop now

Do you always spend so much time setting up your webshop? Setting up and adjusting a theme has never been easier. With the Dynamic Theme, you have the basics of your webshop within a few clicks. Not an endless list of irrelevant options so that you lose sight of the bigger picture, but an optimized, clear list with equal possibilities to create a solid webshop in no time. No programming knowledge is required to set the theme, but an ambition to pop.

User Experience

In the e-commerce world, the competition is fierce and web designers do their best to stay above the crowd. That's why the Dynamic Theme is not only the star on desktop, but also on mobile and tablet, it's a speed monster. With its powerful and above all optimized design, your webshop will stand out on any device.

The no-nonsense e-commerce party

InStijl Media, the no-nonsense e-commerce party from the East and Lightspeed eCom partner from the very first minute (even in SEOshop). We stand for quality, no-nonsense and do not allow ourselves to be impressed by bragging. We are who we are and let our qualities speak for themselves.  We are at all times transparent, realistic and focused on the end result, but we want more than that. Search with us for the ultimate possibilities of Lightspeed and challenge us to make your e-commerce dream come true.